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I have had the best summer break ever. In June, my husband and I went to Italy for 10 days and saw incredible art in museums and churches and just out on the street. In July, I quit my stupid fucking job that I hated and since then, I have been basically doing whatever I want: finishing up knitting projects and stash busting, reading ten books, seeing my grandparents (twice), finally reading up on and playing with my tarot cards, swimming, running, getting a new tattoo, ballroom dancing... just everything. But this morning I woke up around 4 and couldn't get back to sleep. And today I've felt kind of bored and restless. Tomorrow is the last day of my summer vacation, and then it will be schoolschoolschool. I've been looking forward to this semester for so long and now that it's almost here, I'm kinda bummed.

**edit: and now it's raining and I don't have to feel anxious anymore. I can just turn out the lights and listen and sip my tea. thank you, you beautiful world.
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