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I have had the best summer break ever. In June, my husband and I went to Italy for 10 days and saw incredible art in museums and churches and just out on the street. In July, I quit my stupid fucking job that I hated and since then, I have been basically doing whatever I want: finishing up knitting projects and stash busting, reading ten books, seeing my grandparents (twice), finally reading up on and playing with my tarot cards, swimming, running, getting a new tattoo, ballroom dancing... just everything. But this morning I woke up around 4 and couldn't get back to sleep. And today I've felt kind of bored and restless. Tomorrow is the last day of my summer vacation, and then it will be schoolschoolschool. I've been looking forward to this semester for so long and now that it's almost here, I'm kinda bummed.

**edit: and now it's raining and I don't have to feel anxious anymore. I can just turn out the lights and listen and sip my tea. thank you, you beautiful world.
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college websites are seriously the worst websites on the planet. how on earth am i supposed to find a masters program i am interested in?
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my husband and I have been married and lived in this house for almost 5 years now, and in an effort to keep another year from sliding by without much fanfare, chris and I each made a list of goals for 2014. I wrote them out on the dry erase board we keep on our fridge, mine in green, shared goals in blue, and his in orange (where it says "more social masturbating" it was originally "more social motorcycling", i just changed it because i think i'm funny).

some of these goals have become less important to me. for example, meditating regularly. I tried it a few times, but ended up feeling this crazy sucking feeling in my chest like a big fat worm. so not relaxing, you guys. so I quit. also, swimming after class never happened last semester, and it's going to turn into running after class this semester, but same idea. just regular exercise.the biggest one on there, I think, is "marriage: share more/more passion". Chris and I started dating in 2001 and we've slowly found ourselves taking each other for granted.

on Monday night, Chris surprised me with ballroom dancing lessons. the last wedding reception my husband and I went to was in May for my friends Ricky and Richard. they live in LA now and were married a few months before, and then came home for a week and threw a big party. Chris asked me to dance, which was great, but the only dance we know is that middle school dance dance where you put your hands on his shoulders and sway back and forth, and maybe, if you are coordinated enough, spin in a circle. so one night on the way home from the store, I mentioned that a friend of mine from high school runs a ballroom dance studio and we should take lessons just in the name of doing something new and maybe being able to dance at the next wedding we go to. that was couple of months ago, though, so I was very surprised when he came home and told me we had an appointment at a dance studio. we've had two lessons this week and we're doing really well with the steps, we just really need to practice our frame. our instructor's name is Audra and she's very nice and upbeat, but she wants us the be there every single night of the week, which is so not happening. I just want to get get it down enough so that hopefully next time we're on a dance floor, we can do the rumba or foxtrot.
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one of my goals for this year was to start writing every day and making blog posts at least once a week. it's august, and i can't say i haven't tried, but i have to admit i haven't managed it either. lj was my safe place, but i started getting all these comments in russian and none of my friends were active anymore, so i quit posting. i have been able to keep up with journaling at certain times, but never on a day-to-day basis.

i have a tumblr, but i really only use it to publish photos from instgram. it isn't really conducive to creating, honestly. it's a major time suck and i welcome the distraction when i'm in school, but i've never seen the point in reblogging and i hate that you can't comment on posts. how does anyone get to know each other that way?

anywhoodles, i don't expect to share this blog with any of the people i know irl because i've been craving a safe place to record my days. i am, however, happy to make new friends with similar interests. i've been knitting for years, i'm interested in learning more about my tarot cards, and i'm a religious studies major. ALSO, i'm in my 30's and would love to get to know some people my age. 20-somethings are cool, but i know there's gotta be some more people in their dirty thirties out there.

people i will be the most likely to mention here other than myself:
chris, my husband.
nate, my friend who lives in NYC.
josh, my friend who shares many of my interests.
suzan, just suzan.
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really wish i'd known i could import my entries here from livejournal before i deleted my account. they're all sitting on a wordpress blog, poorly formatted, instead. oh, well.

also wish someone hadn't taken my username that i had for over a decade, but whatever. it's a new age. allianora, coming through.


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