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one of my goals for this year was to start writing every day and making blog posts at least once a week. it's august, and i can't say i haven't tried, but i have to admit i haven't managed it either. lj was my safe place, but i started getting all these comments in russian and none of my friends were active anymore, so i quit posting. i have been able to keep up with journaling at certain times, but never on a day-to-day basis.

i have a tumblr, but i really only use it to publish photos from instgram. it isn't really conducive to creating, honestly. it's a major time suck and i welcome the distraction when i'm in school, but i've never seen the point in reblogging and i hate that you can't comment on posts. how does anyone get to know each other that way?

anywhoodles, i don't expect to share this blog with any of the people i know irl because i've been craving a safe place to record my days. i am, however, happy to make new friends with similar interests. i've been knitting for years, i'm interested in learning more about my tarot cards, and i'm a religious studies major. ALSO, i'm in my 30's and would love to get to know some people my age. 20-somethings are cool, but i know there's gotta be some more people in their dirty thirties out there.

people i will be the most likely to mention here other than myself:
chris, my husband.
nate, my friend who lives in NYC.
josh, my friend who shares many of my interests.
suzan, just suzan.
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really wish i'd known i could import my entries here from livejournal before i deleted my account. they're all sitting on a wordpress blog, poorly formatted, instead. oh, well.

also wish someone hadn't taken my username that i had for over a decade, but whatever. it's a new age. allianora, coming through.


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